Where is your flywheel stuck?

What's in our Marketplace Diagnostic?


We analyze your marketplace presence to find out what's working, what's not, and what you need to do to get your flywheel to take off.  Our experts examine:

Path 1533

Account Health

Component 1 – 1


Path 1531

Advertising Efficiency

Group 241


Group 239


Group 242

Competitive Landscape

Group 240

Product Catalog

By auditing more than 40 diagnostic points along with data analysis from your account, we provide your brand with a complete view of your marketplace presence and show how you can improve and find efficiencies.

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What our clients say

"Icon's team has helped us scale our account efficiently while meeting our goals. Our account manager is always very responsive and willing to help. Their organization of our campaigns has allowed us to better understand ASIN-level performance across different ad types to ensure we're investing in strong performers."

Alex Strong

Channel Sales Manager


"Icon has been instrumental in our online growth. Their knowledge and data-driven guidance has kept us moving forward despite a constantly changing market. They're dedicated and responsive, and we're grateful for our team at Icon."

Heather Savage Fransen

Ecommerce Specialist

Unilever Food Solutions

"Exceptional results and expertise in DSP Amazon advertising! Icon Commerce is our invaluable partner in navigating the complex landscape of Amazon's DSP. Their deep understanding of the technology, combined with a proactive approach to industry trends, ensures that our campaigns are not only effective but also innovative. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, responsiveness, and a transparent, results-driven approach have played a pivotal role in our success in the ecommerce space."

Fabiano Moura

Yield Marketing Lead

Profound Ecommerce

"Best Amazon ads agency - wonderful service and attention to detail! They work closely with us to meet our goals."

Tzvi Keys


Primetime Trading